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  • Why Do Paint Contractors Offer Such Different Bids On a Project?

    It can feel so frustrating when you’re trying to find the right company or paint contractor for a job and get wildly different bids. Especially if you aren’t an expert-- or even a novice-- in the task at hand, it can be hard to know if you’re getting a good deal on quality work if you don’t even know why the bids your getting fall into a certain range. You might even [...]

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    Give Your Home a Winter Once-Over To Prevent Weather Damage

    The walls of a house are its first line of defense against winter. As freezing temperatures set in, now is the time to ensure your home’s exterior is ready to weather the wind, rain, and even snow that might lie ahead. Even in the Southeast, winter can be hard on a house. That’s why you’ll want to make sure there are no repairs that need to be made to the paint, siding, roof, [...]

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    Best Paint Color for Window Trim

    The Fight for White Whites are airy and bright, and promote the feeling of openness. Paired with the high contrast of darker tones, it provides a dramatic look. While light colors, such as white, against white trim offer a clean, modern look. What is the best paint color for window trim? In most cases, we recommend white as the clear choice for just about any room. It’s timeless and [...]

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